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For practical purposes.

Emerging industries and enabling technologies are integrally linked and largely inseparable.

Enabling technologies are those that will be important to World industry development, and business competitiveness over the

next few years. They are technologies with applications either across several industry sectors, or technologies that are vital to

particular industry sectors (both new and mature industries).. Some of the new technologies identified by the August 1999

ISR/CSIRO Emerging Industries and Technologies Forum as likely to have a major impact on society and business include :

Information Technology Biotechnology Nanotechnology Microelectronics Telecommunications (including photonics)

Environmental management Materials technologies Our Roles and Responsibilities The Government's Industry Statement

Investing for Growth recognises the need to capitalise on the potential of emerging industries and markets to generate stronger

employment growth and higher living standards for everyone. The Government identifies one of its roles as developing effective

and well-focussed business programs and providing further incentives for innovation, investment and involvement in high growth

industries. The Statement recognises the importance of policies taking advantage for the entire world of the new growth

industries that are emerging. In this context, a major factor in the world’s capacity to create wealth and compete in the global

market will be the country's ability to identify opportunities where, through a joint effort between government and industry,

emerging industries can be identified and developed. To maximise outcomes consistent with the Government's objectives, policy

initiatives for emerging industries need to consider not only the newly formed "smart, high tech" industries but also reformed

industries or spin-offs from existing mature industries, including services sectors and those with a strong resource base in

regiona. That’s why I, Antoine Richepin has created the [fbwn].pi]. « What is yours must stay yours » for several reasons :

1- The opening and generalisation of the trading market.

2- The speed of information

3- The final decision is given to you the appliant

4- The inovation is the weapon to conqueer the world


[fbwn].pi] is a public establishment wich elaborates laws on informative property,

and has a public consultable database.

Antoine Richepin

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